Teachers’ Guide for Inquiry-based Art Learning

I’ve been taking a MOOC called Art & Inquiry given by the teaching staff at MoMA. For our final assignment we were given these instructions: “Your Final Project for this course is to take the concepts we have explored each week and create a resource that you can incorporate into your teaching. The project outline below has been structured to allow you to tailor the content to the context in which you teach so that it can be most useful. The goal of this final project assignment is to give you an opportunity to practice and be creative with the concepts from the class in a forum where you can share ideas and get feedback from your peers. The peer assessment process will also give you the opportunity to see the ideas that others come up with. Be creative! This is your chance to apply the course concepts to real-world situations.”

I chose an in-gallery session at the Royal Ontario Museum. And here is the result:

It’s a slide-show. Click anywhere on the slide to advance to the next one.

And if anyone should want this guide in the PDF version that can be printed out, you can find it Tiberius Guide.


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